Adult Protective Services

Adult Services

Adult Protective Services

Disabled adults are vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and exploitation. The Avery County department of social services receives and evaluates reports to determine whether disabled adults are in need of protective services and what services are needed (as required by Article 6, Chapter 108A of the North Carolina General Statutes).

Activities include:

  • Receiving reports of possible abuse
  • Evaluating the circumstances and need for protective services
  • Planning and counseling with the disabled adult, the family or caregiver to identify, remedy, and prevent problems which result in abuse, neglect, or exploitation
  • Reporting evidence of mistreatment to the District Attorney and various regulatory agencies when appropriate
  • Initiating court action as necessary to protect the adult
  • Mobilizing essential services on behalf of the disabled adult


Guardianship Services

Guardianship Services include assessing an adult’s ability to make important decisions concerning his or her personal welfare and/or financial resources; exploring alternatives to guardianship; providing information to assist the family or others in making decisions. Services may also involve initiating and participating in court proceedings; acting as a resource to the family when needed; participating in multi-disciplinary evaluations as ordered by the court; and carrying out guardianship responsibilities when the director is appointed as guardian. These responsibilities may include making decisions about where the individual will live, authorizing medical treatment, managing the adult’s finances, and arranging for any necessary services.

Adult Services Intake

Adult Services Intake provides services to adults who are in an emergency situation due to a financial or health crisis. The Intake social worker assesses the client’s needs and assists them by informing them of available community resources and services both within and outside the Department that may be able to assist them.

Adult Care Home Licensure

Adult Care Home Licensure involves the activities necessary to license, supervise, and monitor adult care homes and homes for elderly and disabled adults.