Work First Family Assistance

How do you qualify for TANF/Work First Family Assistance
If a child's parent or relative gets TANF, the parent or relative must agree to:

1.   Train for a job or look for work.
2.   Not abuse alcohol or drugs
3.   Not quit a job
4.   Take parenting skills classes if deemed appropriate. 
5.   Work on getting a GED or HS diploma.
6.   Must meet the guidelines for income. 
7.   Follow child support rules.
8.   Get vaccines for your child(ren).
9.   Make sure your child(ren) are enrolled in and going to school regularly.. 
10. If you are a grandparent or related caretaker of a child living in your home, you must meet rules # 6 through 10 to receive TANF as a Child Only recipient. 

Emergency Assistance

Families who are experiencing a financial emergency may be eligible for financial help to pay for housing and electricity. 
Families that meet the following criteria may be eligible:

  • The family must have a child who lives with a relative as defined for Work First Family Assistance
  • Total income must be at or below 200% of poverty level
  • The family has proof of identity and citizenship


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