Avery County Airport / Morrison Field

Mailing Address: PO Box 927, Newland NC 28657
Physical Address: 400 Brushy Creek Road, Spruce Pine NC 28777
Airport Coordinates: N35° 56.72’ W81° 59.78’

Sam Calvert, Chairman ACAA - 828 733-9073 - Cell 828 260-1701
Jack Riley, Pilot, Member ACAA - 828 467-3625
Dempsey Clark, Member ACAA - 828 737-6888

Airport Information:
Avery County Airport (7A8) is located 4 miles North East of Spruce Pine, NC and 10 miles South West of Newland NC. The runway is 3,001 feet long by 60 feet wide with a 120 foot overrun on the South end and 170 on the North end. The runway has a 3% slope on it which causes 35 to be desirable for landing and 17 for takeoff. A right hand turn out is recommended after takeoff from runway 17. Departure to the North is not recommended due to rising terrain and sinking air. When taking off to the north it is recommended to make a left turn before crossing the first ridge due to sinking air. The mountain peak to the south reaches 4500 ft., the peaks to the East are almost as high. Check density altitude as well as weight and balance. 

Summertime density altitude can exceed 5,500 ft. This greatly reduces aircraft performance. Consult the performance charts and your aircraft POH before departing. Avery County Airport is a mountain airport and pilots should be aware of the possibility of localized and un forecast turbulence when flying in mountainous areas.

History of the airport:
The Avery County Airport was started by a group of local business men in the 1950's It was a 2400 feet grassland runway. A delegation of businessmen made a trip to Washington, DC met with our District Representatives and persuaded them to fund the airport through the FAA. In the 90's the Avery County Airport Authority was formed by the North Carolina legislature. At that time the airport was designated a municipality and awarded a grant to pave the runway which was extended to its current length of 3001 ft. In 2016 a grant was available to start the installation of the Wildlife/Security Fence. The Experimental Aircraft Association building was remodeled adding bathroom facilities, kitchen and extra seating capacity. Starting 2017 the runway was repaved and weight was upgraded to 18,000 pounds per single gear. The project was completed in early 2018. A new fueling system was installed in 2018 with 100 octane low level aviation fuel and Jet A. The fuel pumps are credit card equipped for self-service convenience. Presently there are 27 privately owned hangers and space is available for additional growth.

Future Plans/Projects:
Plans are in place for a new 3,200 sq. ft. terminal building and a 10,000 sq. ft. maintenance / repair hanger.

January 15, 2019