Maintenance & Grounds

The Grounds Maintenance Division of Avery County maintains the property for all the county facilities as well as the ball fields, public swimming pool and Heritage Park.
Services include mulching, trimming trees, shrubs and bushes, spraying, other landscaping and mowing.

The Fleet Maintenance Division provides maintenance and repairs to approximately 115 County vehicles belonging to departments and agencies of Avery County. Fleet Maintenance ensures, through proper scheduling of preventative maintenance, that costs and downtime are at a minimum.

Services provided by the Fleet Maintenance Division include:

  • oil and filter changes
  • air filter cleaned/replaced
  • chassis lubrication
  • fluid checks
  • brake repair/replacement
  • battery/cable checks
  • state inspections
  • tire checks/repair/replacement
  • emergency road service

The Building Maintenance Division provides physical support and services to all the County facilities.

Services provided by The Building Maintenance Division include:

  • building maintenance
  • HVAC maintenance/repair/replacement
  • minor plumbing
  • electrical repairs
  • painting
  • carpet and tile repair
  • carpentry
  • emergency on-call services
  • installation, repair
  • replacement of all county street signs


Mailing Address:
PO Box 640
Newland, NC 28657
Phone: (828)733-8259

The Maintenance Divisions are located at 146 West B St, Newland, NC.


Monday – Friday
8:00am - 4:30pm


Joe Trivette, Director
Cell Phone: (828)387-0072

Jeff Byrd, Assistant Director
Cell Phone: (828)260-6532

Mike Hayes, Mechanic
Phone: (828)733-8259

Harold Greene, Maintenance Crew
Phone: (828)733-8259

Jerry Jones,  Maintenance Crew
Phone: (828)733-8259