Avery Soil & Water Conservation District

P.O. Box 190/146 West B Street
Newland, NC 28657
Fax #: 828-737-0217

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Thursday 8:00a.m.- 4:30p.m.


David Banner, Chairman

Jack Wiseman, Vice Chairman

Ann Coleman, Treasurer

Bill Beuttell


Mark Forbes

Betha Hughes 

District History

The Avery Soil & Water Conservation District was chartered on August 21, 1950. 
Mr. George Ward was part of the organizing committee to form a district. Mr. Sam Cartner, Extension Agent at that time, also helped in this capacity. Mr. Carl Scott, a town merchant in Newland, had close connections in Ashe County and knew about the New River District’s work there. He wanted to help form a district in Newland. After field trips to Ashe and Watauga Counties, to observe the district programs interest was brought about by the veteran’s classes within the county.
Mr. Harold Stout, one of the first supervisors, was the Avery District’s first cooperator. On February 6, 1950, 27 land occupiers in Avery County filed a petition with the State Soil Conservation Committee to create the Avery District. Mr. Harold Stout and George Ward were appointed supervisors to get the district organized and operating. The first District meetings were held at the Courthouse in the Conference Room. The first meeting held in the Avery SCS Office was on January 14, 1954.
The N.C. Agriculture Cost Share Program has become a big part of the District’s programs.We conduct several contests in our local schools. A 4th & 5th grade poster contest, a 6th grade essay contest and a 7th & 8th grade speech contest.
We have an Environmental Field Day each year for all the 5th grade students in the county.



The Division of Soil and Water Conservation provides programs, technical services and educational outreach promoting voluntary natural resource management and conservation on the private lands of North Carolina through a non-regulatory, incentive-driven approach. 

Division of Soil and Water Conservation

The Division of Soil and Water Conservation cooperates with federal and local partners to administer a comprehensive statewide program to protect and conserve the state's soil and water resources. The division serves as staff for the North Carolina Soil and Water Conservation Commission to help deliver conservation programs at the local level. The division provides leadership and assistance in locally-led conservation to the state's 96 local soil and water conservation districts and their state association by providing financial, technical and educational assistance to districts, landowners, agricultural producers and the general public. The division delivers programs in nonpoint source pollution management, cost share for agricultural best management practices, technical and engineering assistance, soil surveys, conservation easements, and environmental and conservation education.

Partnership Mission Statement

This statement was developed by the North Carolina Conservation Partnership, which consists of the division, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Soil and Water Conservation Commission and soil and water conservation districts.


A dynamic partnership committed to quality leadership and customer service for the conservation of our natural resources.

Guiding Principles

The partnership values:
• voluntary, incentive based programs 
• diversity in the partnership
• clean water
• conservation as an investment in the future 
• productive agriculture being environmentally compatible 
• opportunities to provide assistance
• full respect for the total partnership

Greatest Strengths

Legislative support, technical knowledge, organization for local delivery of programs, credible history of quality programming, trusted by clients and customers.


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